This video (VHS or DVD) can be ordered online for $19.95 by clicking here.
Faith produced this video (45-min) orginally as a way to give her students the same guided practice they enjoyed in her classes, but she soon found that even newcomers to yoga were using the tape to begin their own practice.

Faith begins the program with a seated relaxation, and then guides you through a series of stretches moving gradually to standing poses including the Gentle Moon Series. The practice finishes with seated and reclining poses including Yo g a Mudra. The program ends with a deep relaxation which flows into10 minutes of tranquil music with no narration.

“This is not about how far you can stretch or about trying to achieve some goal of perfection,” Faith says. “Move gently through the postures in a way that feels comfortable. When we begin with even the simplest stretches, we suddenly find that we are listening to what our bodies are telling us. And when we combine that with more attention to the breath and balance, we begin to move effortlessly towards harmony and centeredness.”

“I look forward to this tape every day. Faith’s quiet voice combined with the music creates a soothing, meditative space. The poses are simple enough for beginners, but all you need to do is deepen the stretches for a very challenging workout.”
—Joan P., RN

This video (VHS or DVD) can be ordered online for $19.95 by clicking here.

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