Faith Minton, a Kripalu Yoga Instructor certified at the 500 hour Professional level, has been teaching yoga since 1990. She hopes to help bring yoga into people's lives with her classes and with her video/DVD titled "Bring Yoga Home". Her style is gentle, supporting beginners and experienced yoga students alike. Faith creates her classes with the needs of each individual in mind.



"Bring Yoga Home; with Faith Minton"


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Faith Minton's Yoga Classes
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Faith has classes regularly scheduled in Warner, NH. Classes include centering, warm-up stretches, postures for flexibility and strength, breathing techniques and complete relaxation all accompanied by soothing music.

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What is Kripalu yoga?

Kripalu yoga is a style of hatha yoga. Hatha yoga incorporates breathing, physical postures, relaxation and meditation creating union of mind, body and spirit. Hatha yoga has become popular in the West, and is the type of yoga that is taught at yoga studios, health clubs and recreational facilities. Kripalu yoga can be gentle or vigorous, and is known for its respect of the inner wisdom of each practitioner. The more you practice, the more you become tuned in to what your body needs.

Who can do yoga?

The beauty of yoga is that anyone can practice. No matter your age or fitness level, this gentle, yet powerful discipline offers a completely balanced experience, allowing you to develop strength with flexibility, while reducing stress and tension. Practicing yoga has been shown to improve overall health, strengthening the immune system - keeping one healthy & balanced.

* And practitioners agree: this ancient art may slow and possibly even reverse the aging process!

Faith is experienced in introducing people to yoga. Since 1990 she has taught hundreds of students in classes at community centers, schools, fitness centers, businesses and in private homes.